About Our School

Life-long, enthusiastic learners are the norm at Bonneville Elementary School! Our school thrives as an educational institution. We pride ourselves in the collaboration among the Bonneville community of parents, students, teachers, and administration.

  • ·       Bonneville is a top scoring Utah school in reading, math and science on SAGE testing.
  • ·       The faculty is highly qualified and committed to student learning.
  • ·       We value dedicated parents as active partners in the education process.
  • ·       Our high test scores reflect student engagement in learning.
  • ·       A phenomenal visual arts program enhances student creativity.
  • ·       Art is integrated across the curriculum.
  • ·       Dance classes for kindergarten and first graders.
  • ·       Interactive hands-on science provided for every child.
  • ·       Science specialists teach every student
  • ·       Extended learning classes and extended day programs are offered.
  • ·       Land Trust funds provide technology, professional development, and after school math tutoring.
  • ·       Proud recipient of $1,000 for producing one of the 30 finalists of the Broadcom Masters science competition in 2015.
  • ·       Nine year recipient of the Salt Lake City Artist in the Classroom grant which partially funds Tanner Dance.


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