March 5th - Asynchronous Learning Day

March 5th will be an asynchronous learning day for students and teachers will have the day off.  All students will have 4 hours of asynchronous schoolwork for that day. 

Virtual Book Fair - Extended Through March 8th

Hi Bonneville Community!  

We are so excited to be having our second online book fair fundraiser! Our local independent book fair company, The Story Cupboard, has created an online book fair with over 1800 titles to satisfy readers, artists, and scientists of all ages. There are great books, experiments, and activities to enjoy. The Story Cupboard has titles across many genres, popular series, award winners, Beehive Book Award Nominees, and Battle Books. The book fair from The Story Cupboard is a wonderful opportunity to support getting new books for our library and teachers, while also supporting a local business!  

Our book fair dates are indicated below. Your order will be available for pick up at the school about 5 days after the book fair ends. During checkout, select “ship” and choose “local delivery” as your shipping method. The books will be delivered free of charge to the school. If you would like to have the books shipped to your home, you can select one of the other shipping methods (shipping fees apply).  

Teacher wish lists will be included at the end of this email if you would like to donate a book to the classroom. When you go to your shopping cart, before proceeding to checkout, there is a comment box titled "Special Instructions for Seller". You can leave a note here for The Story Cupboard specifying the title of the book, who it is for, and who it is from. For example, Diary of a Wimpy Kid for Mrs. Smith from Mary Jones. The Story Cupboard will set these aside for the teachers and add the donation nameplates to the inside of the books.  

Books will not automatically be removed from the teacher’s list when purchased. To avoid duplicate purchases, please email me or the teacher so the books can be removed from the wish list. Otherwise, The Story Cupboard will do their best to swap out the book for a similarly priced book on the list. 

Here is what you need to get started: 

Book Fair Dates:  Extended Through March 8th 


Bonneville Elementary Fundraiser Codebonneville 

**This code must go in the “Discount Code” box at checkout for our school to receive credit towards our fundraiser.    

Thanks for supporting Bonneville’s library!   

Teacher (and Principal) Wish Lists 

Principal Culley: 

K-Mrs. Ford: 

K-Mr. Holt: any books the kids recommend for the class 

K-Mrs. Lee: 

1-Ms. Lindsay: 

1-Ms. Okabe:  

1-Mrs. McIntosh: 

2-Mrs. Barrett: any chapter books 

2-Mrs. Christensen: 

2-Mrs. Teerlink: 

3-Mrs. Leys: 

3-Mrs. Maxwell: 

3-Mrs. Noble: any books the kids recommend for the class 

4-Mr. Little: any books the kids recommend for the class 

4-Mrs. Sellin: any books the kids recommend for the class 

4-Mrs. Winegar: 

4-Mrs. Warren: 

5-Mr. Jacobsen: any books the kids recommend for the class 

5-Mrs. Paur:  

5-Mx. Taylor-Lof: 

6-Mrs. Anderson: 

6-Mrs. Wadge: 

6-Mr. Wild: any books the kids recommend for the class 


Class Picture Order Deadline Extended

Class Composite Sale Extended

You now have until Wednesday, March 10 to order Class Composites!

Don't miss out, order online at If the link is not working, please copy and paste the web address into your web browser. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Upcoming Zoom Meeting Information

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February 18th – 7:00 am

Bonneville School Community Council Agenda  

• Welcome

• Approve prior meeting minutes (Jen Kious)

• School report (Principal Culley, 15 mins)

• School reopening

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Extended Learning Program (ELP) Information

Technical Support Resources

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Students will use their student email address and password to log in to Canvas. 

The email address will be the following: [first name].[first initial of last name][last three numbers of student number]

For example:

email example

Student passwords were set to an expired state at the beginning of the school year and need to be changed before logging in to Canvas. See directions below regarding passwords.


Using Zoom

Participating in a Zoom Meeting – Using Attendee Controls

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Camera Settings

  • Student laptops have two cameras – the webcam on the screen display and a second camera on the keyboard deck.
  • Students may need to switch the camera to make sure the laptop is using the display screen webcam.
  • They can do this by opening the Zoom video menu and selecting the correct camera or by using the Alt+N shortcut key.

select a camera

Student Passwords

Students’ passwords were set to an expired state at the beginning of the year, which means they need to change the password the first time they login.  Students will not be able to login to Canvas until they change their password.


  1. Students can change their password by logging into a district computer OR by clicking on the password reset link at the bottom of the Canvas login page.
  2. The student’s initial password will be their first and last name lowercase initials + their two-digit month of birth + their two-digit day of birth + their four-digit year of birth. For example, if John Smith’s birthday is January 23, 1945, his password would be js01231945. Once students log in using their initial password, they will be prompted to change their password.
  3. Student passwords must be at least 8 characters long.
  4. Student passwords cannot be their student number or login name.
  5. Student usernames and email addresses are not case sensitive. They can be typed in all lowercase.
  6. Teachers have the ability to reset a student’s password by going to
  7. Students can reset their password by going to
  8. Parents can reset their student’s password by logging in to  the POWERSCHOOL PARENT PORTAL and clicking on the ‘Computer Information’ link. Here is link to those instructions:

and in Spanish:

Logging in on a District Laptop

connecting to wifi instructions

logging in instructions

Covid-19 Visitor Guidelines and Student Entrance Map

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