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Yearbook Photo Submission Links

Hello Bonneville Family and Friends!

It's time to start sending us photos for the yearbook! An end of the year highlight for our kids is seeing all of the fantastic pictures in the yearbook, and the cherry on top is finding pictures of themselves!  

So please send us your photos!  Below are links to various activities we have had/will have this year.  I have also included individual class links as well.  To submit your photos, please:

  1. click on the appropriate link
  2. upload your photos to the email address
  3. click "send"

Some activities listed have not yet happened, so you'll want to be able to refer back to this post at a later time.

Let me know if you have any questions!  Thank you!  Can't wait to see your pictures!

Katie Tingey

1st Grade - Dugmore

1st Grade - McIntosh

1st Grade - Noble/Orgil

2nd Grade - Barrett

2nd Grade - Christensen

2nd Grade - Teerlink

3rd Grade - Leys/Anderson

3rd Grade - Maxwell

3rd Grade - Paur

4th Grade - Little

4th Grade - Sellin

4th Grade - Wadge

4th Page- UTAH!

5th Grade - Jacobsen

5th Grade - Taylor-Lof

5th Grade - Warren

5th Page - Biz Town

6th Grade - Lyon

6th Grade - Wild

6th Page - Shakespeare


Bonneville Buddies

Fall Festival

First Day of School

Fun Run


Kindergarten - Ford/Preston

Kindergarten - Holt

Kindergarten - Lee

Library - Battle of the Books


New Students



Spirit Week


Tanner Dance