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School Community Council (SCC)

The Purpose and Duties of SCC

School community councils are responsible for preparing plans that are submitted to the school board for approval. They also should assist, as needed, and provide support for the implementation of the approved plans. School community council members are to represent the group that elected them to the school community council, as they make decisions and bring issues to the school community council for consideration.

They may form subcommittees or task forces to address an issue or project and bring it to the school community council for approval. They are a good resource to school and district administrators in bringing issues of concern forward and in providing feedback, upon request.

The school plans for which the school community council has responsibility for developing are:

  • The School Improvement Plan
  • The School LAND Trust Plan
  • The Reading Achievement Plan (elementary)
  • The Child Access Routing Plan (all but high schools)
  • They also assist in the development of the Professional Development Plan but this plan is ultimately approved and submitted by staff


2021-2022 SCC Members


Macy Bell: 

Frank Cipriano:  

Salli Fiefia: 

Jonathan Freedman:  

Amanda Greenland:  

Heather Hayes:  

Amy Jameson: 


Wayne Culley (Principal):  

Deb Dubek (Secretary): 

Jenny Davis: 

Linda Okabe: 

Courtney Lee: 

Jocelyn Lyon: 

Nathan Jacobsen: 

Adrienne Warren: 

Jason Wild: 

Summary of LAND Trust Money Received and Spent

2016-2017: $38,307

2017-2018: $49,696

2018-2019: $57,685

2019-2020:$62,408, with carryover $67,303

2020-2021: $62,294 with carryover $66,773

Summary of Goals and Expenditures for the 2019-2020 School Year

Goal #1:

Bonneville Elementary will provide students with reading intervention from a certified reading specialist with the goal to support, a minimum, of 20 qualified Tier 2 students. Bonneville Elementary will hire a certified reading specialist dedicated to reading intervention for the 2019-2020 school year.

Expenditure: Half time certified reading specialist

Estimated cost: $34,000

Actual Cost: $33,637.47

Goal #2:

Bonneville will provide after school tutoring from classroom teachers for students scoring below grade level in math.

Expenditure: Salaries for hourly tutoring for certified teachers

Estimated Cost: $13,000

Actual Cost: $24,022

Goal #3:

Bonneville will provide music instruction for K-2 students

Expenditure: Salary for part-time music teacher

Estimated Cost: $11,500

Actual Cost: $7,042

Technology Related Hardware – Headphones for the computer lab

Estimated Cost: $800

Actual Cost: $731.70

Total available for 2019-2020 School year: $67,303.00

Total expenditures: $65,433.17

Carryover: $1,870.00

School Community Council Meetings