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School Community Council (SCC)

The Purpose and Duties of SCC

School community councils are responsible for preparing plans that are submitted to the school board for approval. They also should assist, as needed, and provide support for the implementation of the approved plans. School community council members are to represent the group that elected them to the school community council, as they make decisions and bring issues to the school community council for consideration.

They may form subcommittees or task forces to address an issue or project and bring it to the school community council for approval. They are a good resource to school and district administrators in bringing issues of concern forward and in providing feedback, upon request.

The school plans for which the school community council has responsibility for developing are:

  • The School Improvement Plan
  • The School LAND Trust Plan
  • The Reading Achievement Plan (elementary)
  • The Child Access Routing Plan (all but high schools)
  • They also assist in the development of the Professional Development Plan but this plan is ultimately approved and submitted by staff

Do you want to be an important part of helping our Bonneville School learning community become an even better place for our children? If so, please email Principal Karen Holman.

Nominations will begin in March.

2023-2024 SCC Members

Community Members

First Year 

Jason Barlow (Chair) Email

Debbie Adebunmi Email 

Kate Call Email

Gina Duncan Email

Andrew Swindle Email

Second Year

Allison Morgan (Co-chair) Email

Jessica Brown (Secretary) Email

Allan Belcher Email

Jenni Hinckley Email

Rachel Watson Email


Karen Holman (Principal) Email

Nathan Jacobsen (MTSS Rep) Email

Courtney Lee (LG) Email

Steven Little (UG) Email

Jason Wild (SLEA Rep) Email

Board Member

Bryan Jensen Email

Area Director  

Lisa Young Email

Summary of LAND Trust Money Received and Spent

2021-2022: $58,836.00 with $1500.20 carryover

2022-2023: $55,065.57 no carryover

2023-2024: $65,786.97

School Community Council Meetings