Welcome to the Bonneville Science Lab!  This page will have information about upcoming science happenings as well as opportunities for volunteering and donations.


If you are interested in volunteering in the science labs, click on the below links and add your name and email for whatever time slots you are available.


First Grade

Second Grade


We are always in need of more materials for our labs.  Our wish list is a list of materials would could use in upcoming labs.  It includes new and used items, so have a look!

Brain teaser puzzles
Microscope slide slip covers
Heat lamp
Clip boards
Building sets (K'nex, Legos, Jenga blocks)
A set of Hot Wheels tracks
Used hand mixer
6" frying pan
Baby wipes
Empty 1- and 2- liter soda bottles
Bike pump
Size small rubber gloves
Rolls of kitchen paper towels (the school towels are often not absorbent enough for science labs)
Bags of ice cubes
Dry beans
Corn starch
Baking powder


Thank you for all of your support!

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